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After Thai food, it's often aspects of nightlife in Thailand that people most talk about.In a culture that is often very receptive and accepting of most things, nightlife in particular can take on an entire new dimension.If you've never heard of a ladyboy, it won't take long until you do in Thailand.Though it might come as a surprise at first, it's a country where people of all sexes, orientations, and walks of life attend nightclubs and bars in unison.Although they total only a fraction of a percent of Thailand’s female population, there is a large number of Thai women who prefer to have foreign husbands and boyfriends.I don’t have any facts and figures, but my guess is the percentage of Thai women seeking foreign husbands and boyfriends is higher than in most other countries. I’m not going to argue, the majority of Thai girls working the bars in Thailand’s popular tourist hot-spots like Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai are very money orientated.The difference is, Thai men might expect their wife to accept it, but a foreign man usually would not.There is a widespread belief that Thai men do not like to “marry down”, meaning they do not want to marry a woman from a poorer social class or background.

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I you have ever dated a Thai bar girl, did you notice how she made a point taking you to places where she had friends or family, for example, she would take you back to her bar, to her favorite eating places, or to meet her sister or cousin. Financially independent career minded single Thai women have time on their hands, they are in no rush to marry and start a family.

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The average single male foreigner visiting Pattaya (for example) supposedly meets that criteria.

and well, he just happens to be on the hunt for a single Thai girl, just like her.


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