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In 1980, Amtrak ordered an additional 125 Amfleet coach cars and 25 lounge cars – known as Amfleet II – for use on long-distance overnight routes.

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No worries, the dance lesson is super fun and very easy but it’s a perfect way to break the ice and get that talking going.Daters will have a chance to talk for up to 7 minutes when a bell rings or buzzer sounds.The speed dater progresses from table to table until each participant has had a chance to meet the other.The first of the new single-level Amfleet cars went into revenue service on Aug. Four days earlier, Amtrak invited employees and their families on a test run between Washington and Philadelphia to gauge reactions to the car interiors and the ride quality.This ticket not only guaranteed a spot on the train, but could also be kept as a memento of this special trip.As noted in Amtrak’s employee magazine, a “warm but vibrant blend of red, violet and purple sets the basic mood for friendly mingling.” While refurbishing older equipment, Amtrak also began planning for the purchase of brand new stainless-steel single-level and bi-level cars.


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