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The toys are also designed for hands-free play if people want it.

The vybby, for instance, will sit in place while the woman does other things. “We don’t want to reinvent the sex toy,” says Himmelstoss, “only the way you use it.”The Elaico isn’t quite ready for the boudoir.

We didn’t want it to look really high-tech,” Himmelstoss says.

“There are some other products [like this], but they always make them so complicated.

According to the collective consciousness of Batman fans, there’s a curse that strikes people involved with the Batman movies.

But he still needs money to get the product to market. In a world where it’s increasingly easy to maintain long-distance relationships over the computer, maybe teledildonics finally makes sense in some twisted way.

Though we’ve seen a bunch of attempts to make it work, it’s never caught on. It’s not your normal squalid bit of rubber with wires hanging off it.

The Elaico is meant to be sleek and minimal, something that would look good on your shelf.“We wanted it to be really simple.

Considering he’s been around in print for over 80 years, the subject of tons of movies (both animated and live action), not to mention the cartoons, the merchandise and all that other stuff, he’s the stuff of legend. So with all the love, devotion and fandom that he gets, there’s bound to be an urban legend or two around the Batman franchise that we whisper in hushed corners.

Whether it’s something to with the comics or the films, the dark and anonymous corners of the internet are filled with stories that are supposedly true, written by fans and gaining traction until they’re in the trivia section of IMDB, but not entirely verified.


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