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Fortune-telling, the forecasting of future events or the delineation of character by methods not ordinarily considered to have a rational basis.

Evidence indicates that forms of fortune-telling were practiced in ancient China, Egypt, Chaldea, and Babylonia as long ago as 4000 Predictive methods of fortune-telling include astrology (interpretation of the movements of heavenly bodies as influences on earthly events), numerology, and the utilization of objects such as playing cards, tea leaves, crystal balls, dice, fire, water, and scattered salt.

My daughter has seen a psychic several times and for her most of the "forcasts" have come to be.

She also told me I will be very rich and famous internationally Now I am waiting for that bit..I will then she was correct But I will be going to another one someone recommended to a friend and will inform you how I went I used to read my own tarot cards..stopped cos it was getting too scary!

The world possesses very few of these who have the right balance to succeed and be accurate without creating to much drama for themselves.

Most work for the FBI or other large agencies such as the FBI.

The following inquiry will return a romantic score to indicate the romantic level on a particular day.

If you get higher scores, then you will be very popular in your group, or you will be in love or even you have the chance for a marriage event at that time.


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