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like don't show that your rich even if you are rich.and say that you have Loans and struggle back home.if he true it wouldn't matter him if your rich or not.i know its Bad to lie to your partner about details of your life but you have your reasons, you don't want to be victim of fraud.She also paid for all his flights and sent money to his mother via western union. As a direct result, she had to sell her home and move into a council home which she detests and now faces financial hardship. coments plz...waleed from Egypt 24 years Regional accountant i want to calarify that not all Egyptian are deceitful and not all Egyptaian are Respected this rule for all country that there are deceitful men and there are respected men i agree with u that some of them have many interested such as money , immagiration and sex but other want love , stability and love usa for me i search for american girl for love and marriage for stability and i want to visit usa for studying business adminstration , economy and finance i offer my help for any american girl that expose to fraud and deception in Egypt this my mobile 020117710885I am in a long distance relationship with an egyptian man we are meeting in new york for my birthday in August which he is paying for, he says he has his own business there, right now he is in China on business, he has not given me any reason not to trust him, he has shown concern for me and my health and education....

Thanks My Mum had a really bad experience in Luxor. i dont want to scared u, but u know in this world u find all kind of people (good, bad, crazy).It took her a long time to deal with losing him and she's struggling now as she's losing her financial security too. muslim men consider themselves to be the breadwinners. When i met my boyfriend i was young and sex wasnt an issue for us and niether was marriage. I also ask him about life in Egypt because I know it is a conservative country and certain things are looked down on.For all those women out there - planning a trip to Egypt... So, why would they want their wife to pay for things. But now that im older and hes been engaged 2 times. Like if I go to vist him I will be staying with him at his home because he lives alone, I know it will be looked down at but what I am scared about that is will we be in trouble.if he did apply before and get refused then you should be careful.because mostly they disappear or mistreat you once they get their visas.Second "Immigration" about the Immigrations and visas some Egyptians don't mind if your rich or not they only want visa to foreign country to start new life that they think its easier! watch his words carefully , if you see that he talk alot about visas and embassy and he need to be there and he always do dreaming about i want be there work study, etc.


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