San andreas dating guide

hit square and hold on it until your speed is just about the same as the other pedestrian cars.If she says slow down well, same thing, you hold on X until your driving about as fast as everyone else. DANCING(still not what your thinking about...) If your girl wants to go dancing its pretty simple, take her to the nearest club and DANCE HER SOCKS OFF!!!!you can spawn it because thats the only way i know how.Now back to the tips, If she says CJ your driving too fast!!!

However, Two-Timing Dates are apparently disabled forever if CJ goes on a date and only has 1 girlfriend, or if he goes on a date when he has more than 1 girlfriend but the jealous girlfriend does not appear (50% chance), or if a Two-Timing date is triggered and he manages to evade the jealous girlfriend.Load the same save game for each date with the 2nd one without savingthe game afterward, and "C. will probably run into the jealous girlfriend infive to ten dates with her." Here's his account of some things to look for when it happens: "Imagine my surprise when I walk out of a restaurant in SF with Katie and a cutscene shows me Denise in her Hustler and tells me I've been spotted and have to lose her. get Denise to come out of her house for a date thenhad C. Again, Gimp Suit dates and She Drives dates do not apply. Any successful date would have disabled Two-Timing dates unless he led the jealous girlfriend into the home sphere at the end of each date.It happened two or three more times in my testing with other girls as well. get Denise for a girlfriend after "Burning Desire" but not dateher. If a two-timing date is triggered, CJ can make progress with the girl being dated, avoid losing progress with the jealous girlfriend, and keep future two-timing dates active by taking the girlfriend being dated home without losing the jealous girlfriend. I got Katie as a GF early by flying in to meet her. I'm fairly certain that girlfriend progress stats and oysters collected have no influence on Two-Timing dates. To trigger a Two-Timing date, go on a date when CJ has more than one girlfriend. do the Taxi mission, etc., in SF betweendates.) When I tried this, Katie always wanted a dinner date for her 1st severaldates, and C. Thiscould be it...," there was a picture of Denise's Hustler and the message:"You've been spotted by another girlfriend. Her car came from the street above the E sideof the lot of the diner (where the vehicle exit is), right over the ledge, andstopped beside C. In the few times I tested this, Denise showed up after the 1st date or afterthe 1st couple of dates. Well done." Carl Johnson had the jealous girlfriend show up when he used a similar strate-gy. Perhaps there is another explanation or conditions I didn't consider.However if your dating Babara the nearest club is in Los Venturas so... Ok these are the 3 things ive come across so far and i dont think there are any else. PROGRESS BAR: If you get the progress bar until max without killing her youll get her car keys. If you get it near the max youll get a gift, for instance, Babara bought me a cop suit so i can go around and point my gun at people and pretend im cool. LAST BUT CERTINLY NOT THE LEAST, COFFEE JUST THE MOMENT YOUVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!


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