Shira oka dating sim

Title: Shira Oka 2nd Chances Publisher: Okashi Studios Genre: Visual Novel with Dating Sim and Stat Raising Elements Platform: PCWhere to Buy: 3/5Sweetie: 3/5Overall: 62/80 78% C “Good Game For Girls”Story: 10/10 Note: One really cool thing about this game is all the stuff it teaches you about Japan there’s even a library where you can read about the different cultural terms that you encounter.

It explains many of the holidays, traditions, beliefs, and cultural issues in the game. It adds educational value to the game for younger players, or for anyone who wants to learn about Japan.

The story is told through multiple play throughs where by you select a different student to help each time.

After helping all of the students, you will unlock Kasumi’s route.

If you try to get onto Kasumi’s route before completing the others, you will always reach a bad end — something I learned the hard way, and only discovered when I contacted the company for support.

This light-hearted good balance of narrative elements is one of the main ingredients of the series' success.

This place, varying depending on the game, is said to grant eternal happiness to the new couples confessing their feeling to each other on that specific day.

The games have various characters which fits a basic Trope mold for everyone's tastes: the Childhood Friend, which is usually the one the player character has an aim at at the beginning of the story (and is more or less considered the True Ending), the Mad Scientist, the Megane(ko), the Shrinking Violets, the Student Council President, or the Sempai and Kohai, there are many potential Love Interests you can try romancing!

"Heartbeat Memorial") is a popular and long-running dating simulation series by Konami, with its first game released in 1994 on PC Engine.

That game was a low-profile title which became a hit, thanks to massive favourable word of mouth, and the game appealing not only to the intended young male demography but also the female one, thanks to the game's romantic and funny atmosphere.


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