Juarez mexico dating

In 1846, the Liberal Party took power and Benito Juárez joined the push for liberal causes.

During the war with the United States (1847-1848) he was appointed Oaxaca’s acting governor and then was later elected governor, which elevated his name and reputation to national politics.

He promoted a guerrilla resistance toward the United States and opposed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Emperor Maximilian was arrested and executed by firing squad.Benito Juárez was soon elected and quickly asked the congress to allow him to rule by decree, even though this was in violation of the 1857 Constitution.Benito Juárez would rule the country for the next four years, until his death.In 1855, Santa Ana’s government collapsed and Benito Juárez returned from exile.Soon Mexico had ratified a new constitution and the liberal party was in power.He served a total of five terms as president seeking to institute constitutional reforms and create a democratic Mexico.


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