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Walls nearly eight miles long enclose an area of 1,700 acres.

There were outlying suburbs as well, so that when Jonah went there in the early eighth century BC, it took him three days to traverse the city (Jon 3:3).

A prize find was made in the palace of Shalmaneser III—the so-called “Black Obelisk”—that depicts Jehu, king of Israel, bowing before Shalmaneser III as he presents tribute.

In 1967, a stela of the Assyrian king Adad-nirari III was found at Tell al-Rimah, 40 miles west of Mosul.

The easternmost river, the Tigris, has its headwaters in eastern Turkey and flows past Mosul (ancient Nineveh), Tikrit, Baghdad, Kut and Basra.

The Euphrates begins in east-central Turkey and flows past Karbala, Hilah (ancient Babylon) and Nasiriyah.

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Its restored ziggurat, or temple tower, is often shown in news reports.

It records a campaign to the west in which Adad-nirari received tribute from Jehoash king of Israel.

Located at Mosul, Nineveh was also founded by Nimrod (Genesis ).

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