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It'll autogenerate a for you I believe, but if you later add more .bff's to the same directory, then the inutoc . It should allow files up to 64 gigabytes: crfs -v jfs -a bf=true -g'ptmpvg' -a size='884998144' -m'/ptmp2' -A''` | | locale yesstr | awk -F: ''`'' -p'rw' -t''`locale yesstr | aw | | k -F: ''`'' -a nbpi='131072' -a ag='64' Some or all of these will list more than one number. lslpp -l ...should list the version of poe installed on the system Check on compiler versions: lslpp -l vac. crfs -v jfs -g'ptmpvg' -a size='884998144' -m'/ptmp2' -A''`locale yesstr | awk -F: ''`'' -p'rw' -t''`locale yesstr | awk -F: ''`'' -a frag='4096' -a nbpi='131072' -a ag='64' Based on the parameters chosen, the new /ptmp2 JFS file system is limited to a maximum size of 2147483648 (512 byte blocks) New File System size is 884998144 esmf04m-root If you need files larger than 2 gigabytes in size, this is better.u1.1 drawer address, bottom left ///// EIA numbers on right and left of rack, goes to lowest of the numbers adjacent to the equipment in question.EG, something in the rack might be 3 EIA numbers high - the software should identify the hardware by the lowest number of the 3.///// We also had to Eunfence the node whose card was replaced. Alternatively, it -should- work to: stopsrc -s inetd startsrc -s inetd Or better: Edit /etc/and comment out ftp and refresh inetd by issuing "refresh -s inetd" To truly change the kernel to 64-bit, you need to be at the 5.1 oslevel. bootinfo -b reports last device the system booted from bootinfo -k reports keyswitch position 1=secure, 2=service, 3=normal bootinfo -r reports amount of memory (/ by 1024) bootinfo -s (disk device) reports size of disk drive bootinfo -T reports type of machine ie rspc,rs6ksmp,rspc or chrp bootinfo -y reports your hardware arquitecture (32 bits or 64 bits) bootinfo -K reports if the kernel in memory is 32 bits or 64 bits AIX and SNMP: by Host Resource you mean the AIX SNMP component that monitors system resources ??

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Changing the boot device order: Boot the server, and hit 1 or F1 (depending if you have an ascii console or a graphics console) when the logos come up to get to sms mode.This one apparently must be the first -L in the link line.Please see also: will give u this output which give u the information regarding ur memory.Any changes made to the original file system after the copy is split off are not reflected in the backup copy.To reintegrate the JFS split image as a mirrored copy at the /testcopy mount point, use the following command: rmfs /testcopy The rmfs command removes the file system copy from its split-off state and allows it to be reintegrated as a mirrored copy.As AIX 5L is new technology from IBM they're patching many problems and generating ML very often.


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