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Pretty much just a creature-feature as the swamp demon is the main attraction here. They thought the evil was eradicated several years ago, but now the evil has returned and is bent on revenge.

The two forces gather in the countryside for a final showdown.

Apparently she got the largest implants currently allowed by the FDA.

Rumor has it she wanted larger ones.....a lot larger. [with The Jefferson's theme playing in the background] We're moving on up.....:-[)Fritz: As Ralphus and others have said, your introductory post on the forum has truly been impressive.

There are three Gimp moments of interest in this one.

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She then gets threatened with beheading but the old lady next to her gets decapitated instead.Also, it's widely known that I'm no fan of nuns with fake udders.None of it may matter, though, as I'm not certain Mark of the Whip 2 is a film I could get in my country.But I will definitely keep the second title in mind. I'm glad you told us about this link because up until then, I never realized there was a whole world of "external" reviews on IMDb.Ralphus wrote: And speaking of reviews, check out Review #15 at the Internet Movie Database. show shapely tough girl Cara, played by Tabrett Bethell chained AOH, sweating out her impending torture wearing a skimpy two-piece outfit. It was one of my guilty pleasures and occasionally snuck in some unexpected GIMP scenes. Welcome to a very special Evil Sprits edition of Which One Has The Gimp?Yik Yakker wrote: Getting back to the subject of Lindsay Lohan (who has also experimented with the plumped-up lips look), what do you all make of this? OMG, she looks like a guy.....I realized it was a commercial.


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