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”His mother, Mildred, admonished the young man:“We’re here to talk about Melinda.”Enid, his mother-in-law said:“My daughter isn’t happy.

”Finally he noticed each woman held a cane.“My daughter says you’re impatient, rude, selfish and lazy! Either take your punishment or we’ll do something much worse.”Murray could not imagine anything worse. More than anything else, his mother’s presence broke his resistance.

Based on Rimbert's account, Birca was significant because it had a port and it was the place for the regional ting.

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It is often a colourful mix of patois and imported words.

He obeyed.“Bend over the couch.”The steady, thump and whump of the canes was the only noise.

Do not speak.”Enid:“Honey, this is how men need to be treated.”She spoke to someone else:“Now you must practice.”As fresh blows of the cane slapped against his buttocks, Murray knew Melanie spanked him.

The merchants with whom they were travelling, defended themselves vigorously and for a time successfully, but eventually they were conquered and overcome by the pirates, who took from them their ships and all that they possessed, whilst they themselves barely escaped on. -- With great difficulty they accomplished their long journey on foot, traversing also the intervening seas (maria), where it was possible, by ship, and eventually arrived at the Swedish port called Birka." (Chapters X and XI) Rimbert does not say where Ansgar sailed off or where he landed.

Noteworthy is just his note about several "seas" that they had to cross to get to Birka from the place they had landed to.


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    She started binge-drinking and would often ring to tell me she couldn't remember a thing about the night before. I was desperately worried and repeatedly told her she needed professional help. I felt like Piggy in the Middle because I could see that Nick was upset.

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    The program also stars Dulé Hill as Shawn's intelligent best friend and reluctant partner Burton "Gus" Guster, as well as Corbin Bernsen as Shawn's father, Henry, a former officer of the Santa Barbara Police Department. Most episodes begin with a cold open in the form of a flashback to Shawn and Gus's childhoods.