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Finding an ideal match in this diverse world of ours is no easy task.

So if you're looking to specifically meet Christian men and women online in your local area, then this is certainly the group for you.

Impatient in that they give up if people do not reply to their messages etc.

Women receive far more messages than men do - it's the universal courting system of all time. it's not unusual for women to receive 20 or more daily messages, so you can imagine that she has a pretty stringent policy for those profiles which make the cut.

Finding a date online can be challenging yet rewarding.

People like to be made to feel special- it's our human nature.

When it comes to gaining the attention of women dating online, an extra effort needs to be made.


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    Character, kindness, family goals and ambition are just a few of the dimensions that e Harmony takes into consideration, while our setting options allow you to filter by ethnicity, language, religion and location.

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