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A changing volume during flexure, particularly in a low pressure suit, requires that the diver expend energy on the surrounding water in addition to the energy required to perform a desired task.Even in a suit using a constant volume joint, as the depth of the surrounding water increases, the joint may be incapable of carrying the increased load caused by the increased water pressure.

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The gears function to distribute, in a predetermined proportion, the angle of flexure of the joint, among the segments.

The compressive force of the surrounding water on the spherical segments is transmitted through at least one roller assembly.

This invention relates to articulated joints for a low pressure diving suit, and more particularly to an improved form of articulated joint which maintains a constant displacement volume when flexed.

A period of decompression limits the maximum operational period possible and prohibits immediate recovery of the diver in an emergency.

Some diving suits of the prior art employ joints which vary in displacement volume when flexed.


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