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Sometimes she goes to the mall or surfs the internet just to scope out clothes so she knows what she is going to buy when she actually goes shopping.

Or she has shoulder-length curly hair that she is wearing down and she comes back with straight hair that is a different color, in an up-do and with an undercut.Michelle makes drastic changes to her appearance, and these changes always happen during the work day.Due to the nature of the work, most employees in my section (including Michelle) are exempt and lunches are generally longer than an hour.That said, I do think it’s reasonable to ask her to avoid drastic mid-day appearance changes when she’s helping with a presentation — since that’s more likely to be a distraction.When you’re helping with a presentation, it’s generally best to fade into the background, not to do things that will call attention to your appearance.So in the same way that you might ask her to dress particularly professionally on those days, it would be fine to ask her not to make major mid-day appearance shifts on those days too. Unless you see real evidence that it’s impacting how seriously people take her — or unless you know your office culture well enough to know that it’s going to — I’d let it go.


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