Whos dating alyson stoner tyler posey and crystal reed dating in real life

Alyson attended Maumee Valley Country Day School and then joined the O' Connell's Dance Studio where she studied ballet, tap dance, and jazz dance.She then began modeling and training at the Margaret O' Brien Modeling Studio.Stoner has won a Young artist award for her work in Cheaper by the Dozen.She is known mostly for being a background dancer in many of the artists’ music videos. She is very much focused on her acting career as she is very young.I did, and I remember after the first day, seeing Channing and Jenna's electric chemistry, my mom named it there that they would get married in real life after the movie. I don't think they would've told me whether or not [they were] because I was, you know, 13. I mean, they have this magnetism about them, and you feel safe and warm and welcomed.

It was almost like a fun, spontaneous favor instead of this professional-sounding gig. Yep, and we made up our little dance section in the back yard that people still ask me to do, just on the fly. It was so improvisational, because I think they just wanted a rapport between foster siblings. The first night I arrived, I knew there was an ESPN Zone restaurant and arcade in the area, and I said, "All right Channing, I'm walking to ESPN Zone after set and I'm playing basketball — are you in? " And we did some brother-sister bonding at the ESPN Zone. I only went on my experience with him as a human and that's enough to root for him.

Turns out that Cole broke up with Alyson by telling her that “it’s just not going to work out.” But to make things even worse, the breakup occurred ON her birthday. At least they were able to remain friends, although heartbreak is pretty rough as a preteen.

Alyson was born as Alyson Rae Stoner on August 11, 1993 in Toledo, Ohio, United States to Lu Anne Hodges and Charlie Stoner.

was small (she played Tyler's foster sister, Camille) but it was enough to get her three days on set with Channing Tatum — then a relative unknown, now a god on earth.

With the 10-year anniversary of the movie approaching this year (it was released in August 2006) and a new song now out from Stoner ("Woman"), spoke to the 22-year-old actress/musician/dancer, whom you might also recognize as the pigtailed girl from Missy Elliott's "Work It" video, about her Channing memories, their ESPN Zone date, and that time he showed up to her basketball game. He said, "There was supposed to be a little black boy in this dance movie, but I'm thinking it should be a little white girl and I'm thinking it should be you.


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