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See also: personal job search websites, video pitches, asking interviewers to leaf through a portfolio of your work even if you’re not in a visual field like design, and more.

In this case, the badges aren’t even objective skills, like a software certificate.

Jean, 20, was a student at the Icam School of Engineering in Lille, while his sister Marion had just enrolled at university to study law.

The youngest son Baudouin was reportedly attending a nearby private school.

I saw a segment on the news today about “digital badges,” which a few universities are trying to offer so students can show competency in specific workplace skills, and I was really curious what you would think.

However, this phenomenon has been such way before the exposure it gained from the popular Netflix show.

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Based on what was shown in the piece you linked to, the badges are awarded for things like “resilience,” “creative problem solving,” “critical thinking,” “agent for change,” “collaboration,” and “oral communication skills.” This is cringe-inducing. They will believe you have these skills if you show accomplishments that demonstrate said skills. Simply announcing on your resume that you have good oral communication skills or collaborate well means nothing to employers.

By all means, schools should teach students these skills. But the badges come across as juvenile and naive at best and are going to induce eye-rolls from employers who see them on a resume.


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